Fold Up Bikes – Practical and Environmentally Friendly But Are They Cool?

For those of you who would like to be able to cycle to work, or anywhere you want to get to, without the worry of where to leave your bike safely, or for people who wish to have a mode of exercise and transport that is easy to store at home, then getting one of the various designs of fold up bikes could be the solution. But there’s no need to worry, as fold up bikes are no longer “uncool” or geeky!

As the summer approaches with hotter days and lighter evenings, our thoughts quickly turn to the outdoors and ways to spend as much time outside as possible. Most of us also start to worry about our physiques in preparation for our new summer wardrobes, so exercise and diet become a priority.

Cycling is an excellent way to exercise outside, as well as a useful mode of environmentally friendly transport. However, plans of cycling everywhere possible are sometimes scrapped due to the difficulty of where to leave your bike on arrival. This is where fold up bikes have the advantage over conventional non-folding bikes.

The issue of storage with fold up bikes isn’t a problem at all as you can just fold it up and take it inside with you. Riders of fold up bikes don’t need to fret about finding a suitable space to leave their bike, or about the security of leaving it outdoors unguarded. All they have to do instead is fold their collapsible bike up into its compact form and take it with them, without any storage or security worries.

Makers of fold up bikes have recently started to combat the tag of “uncool” that has previously been given to the product. So there are now plenty of new designs available from leading brands, all offering a selection of designs and colours to suit many tastes.

The prize winning Go Bike from Quebec in Canada is the ideal example of the new “cool” style of fold up bikes. It is available in five cool colours – blue, green, orange, Lumi blue and Anthracite – and it incorporates leading technological design features to guarantee a practical yet innovative bike.

The Go Bike has a universal, one-size-fits-all design, with a telescopic seat post and adjustable stem to suit riders of every age and sex from 4ft7″ (1.40 m) up to 6ft3″ (1.9m), and a maximum weight of 110kg (245lbs). It is easy to carry and to store, with a lightweight aluminum frame and fork construction. It has ultra sturdy textured silver anodized finish on the stem, and both the rear and front forks, and it looks uber cool.

Since their initial design fold up bikes have come a very long way and now use innovative and funky designs and trendy colours alongside their original practical usage and storage advantages. Fold up bikes are now a credible alternative to conventional bikes with the benefits of being able to take them anywhere and store them safely.