If You Are New to Biking, Choose Your Ride Wisely

You may find yourself making revving noises in front of a fan, imagining the feel of a hot and grumbling exhaust pipe next to your leg. You may have been wearing a leather jacket around the house, even on hot summer days. Inexplicable behavior to some, but to those in the know, these are signs that you’re saving up to buy your first 2000cc motorcycle.

Harley, Honda, or Suzuki. Whichever ride you choose, do you homework before you fork over all that cash. For instance, you’ll need training on how to ride one of those bad boys. In fact, many states require motorcycle licenses in order to operate one. That means Driver’s Ed all over again. Everything from braking, to arm turn signals, all the way up to avoiding wipe outs.

You’re not quite in the realm of being a Hell’s Angel just because you’re good at the simulations in the arcade. To even qualify as a beginner, you will need to build up some real-world experience on a closed driving circuit. This isn’t a problem though as many local community centers and colleges offer motorcycle lessons. These courses can be a few days or a few weeks in length. Those that take the longer courses are generally better riders before they hit the road for real.

If you’re confident about your ability to learn quickly, look into the riding courses from bike manufacturers. Most big name manufacturers will offer courses designed to teach you a lot in a short space of time. Remember though that they will be focused on getting you prepared to ride quickly so you can quickly become one of their customers. If you feel like you may need another couple of lessons after the manufacturer’s course, don’t fret. Many college courses also provide the motorcycles, so you don’t have to worry about wrecking your brand new toy.

Another thing to think about before investing in your motorcycle is your equipment. Your clothing, boots, gloves and helmets are not simply accessories. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, and you’re not wearing the proper attire, you’ll be suffering from a very painful case of road rash at best, or being fed through a tube in your stomach (or worse). Although some states don’t require you to wear a helmet, wear one anyway. Worrying about looking dumb is really immature, and helmets come in so many cool colors and styles nowadays. So suit up properly before you get on your ride.

You probably should also face up to the fact that life expectancy does fall once you’ve purchased your motorcycle. In fact, it falls considerably. Automobile drivers are easily distracted by many other activities not pertinent to keeping their eye on the road, and motorcycle riders can be the victims of this inattention. Unfortunately, the injuries that motorcycle riders tend to sustain in road accidents can often be critical, even life-threatening. Make sure that you’ve discussed your decision to ride a bike with your loved ones. It’s also a good plan to make sure your life insurance and will are up-to-date.

That being said, motorcycles can be fun and cheap modes of transportation. 65 miles to the gallon seems rather incredible, right? But it is possible on the back of your motorcycle. Most bikes are extremely fuel-efficient. One main reason is that the engine is carrying less weight than a car’s. Also, you’re driving around with just you most of the time.

Whether your motorcycle is fuel-efficient also depends on the type of bike you choose. Pause for a brief second before rushing out to get that 2000+ CC monster of a bike. You need to make sure that you can cope with the heat and speed of your motorcycle, whether it’s a speed bike or built for cruising. You need confidence when it comes to twisting that throttle. Visit a range of local dealers to get a feel for the right kind of bike for you. It may be wise to start out with a small engine bike initially to get some experience in riding.

Got the gear? Got the training? Made peace with your family and friends by convincing them you will be a conscientious biker? Picked out your chariot? Then all that is left is to turn the key, step on that clutch, and let the engine do the revving for you.

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